SE UCH Yosemite's Spice Girl

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NO UCH SE UCH Lundecock's Run For Fun "Chippen"

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NO UCH SE UCH Lundecock's Xit From Paradise "Grace"
(NORDUCH Yosemite's Following Star x Romlingen's Naughty But Nice)

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Degallo Ruby Tuesday
(Degallo The Cateran x Degallo Sweet Magic)

Photo: Vera Fedorova


Ruby's offspring

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Yosemite's the Winsom "Pippi"
Born on 30th September, 2002
Sire: SUCH Degallo The Wicca man
Dam: Chiroskas Gold Blossom

Foto: Elaine Rodin
Pippi's progeny

EECH SUCH Lötgårdens Ursula
(DKUCH NUCH SUCH Pouch Cove's Windwagon Whaler x
SUCH Lötgårdens Pirramimma Van Patriot)

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SUCH Degallo The Wicca Man "Doggy"
(GBCH Mohnesee The Illusionist x Degallo Shimera) 

Photo: Elaine Rodin

Photo: Elaine Rodin

Doggy received CC and gained his title at Kennel Club Show in Alfta on July 10th 2005.
He was also BOS Veteran


Doggy´s offspring/avkomma

Three generations...




Starbelle Striking Stella
(DKUCH SUCH Stationhill Crackshot  x
INTUCH NUCH SUCH SV-96 Starbelle Simply Splendid)



Lundecock´s Tobermory
(Ch Japaro Special Agent x Ch Ellenyorn Vanity Fayre)


Photo: Vera Fedorova
C.I.B. NORDUCH EECH Yosemite's Following Star "Fille"
(SUCH Bermarks Upside Down x Starbelle Striking Stella) 
1995 - 2006
Fille received CC and Cacib in Estonia on July 2nd, 2005 and added Est Ch to his title.




Fille´s offspring/Avkomma





Yosemite´s Pruseluska
Grandmother of
SuCh Yosemite's Crown Of It All  

Sire: Ch Omar
Dam: Ch Yosemite´s Git Gay


SuCh Nordv-95 Yosemite´s Why Did It Have To Be Me "Bimbo"

Sire: Ch Telebamsen Billy Bambino
Dam: Yosemite´s Pruseluska